Our philosophy: Great architecture is a result of the integration of creative design with how you live, work and play. This holds true whether we are designing a commercial building, a new home or even the simplest remodeling project. Our philosophy has allowed us to create beautiful spaces that each have their own unique feel.

We don’t adhere to any one particular style. Instead, we believe that style is a tool that should be used to reach a unique end result. By utilizing a fusion of styles we can create a space that is equally as functional as it is inviting.



Ron launched Architivity in 2003. He has always lived by the saying “If you can find something you love to do and you can make a living doing it you’ll never work another day” and architecture is, without a doubt, what he loves to do. (Something about Ron’s relational, social, self and how great he is to work with.) Find out more about Ron.



Ron Conder – 719-661-9250rconder@architivity.com